Field Guides for Hawaii

Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin  / Stenella longirostris from the Hawaii humpback whale and spinner dolphin behaviors guide
Teardrop Butterflyfish (kikakapu / Chaetodon unimaculatus) with Yellow Tangs (lau-i-pala / Zebrasoma flavescens ) and Orange Surgeonfish (na'ena'e / Acanthurus olivaceus ) with juvenile
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Whether you are heading to Hawaii for an adventure or just some relaxing snorkeling, Sunburst Publications has developed a set of pictorial guides to Hawaiian marine life that will enhance your experience. Order Guides

Sunburst guides include two field guides to the reef fish found in Hawaii, a guide to Hawaiian sport fish, a wildlife guide illustrating the marine mammals you will see both seasonally and all year round, and a guide describing the behaviors of the humpback whales that make Hawaiian waters their winter home. More Info

We partner with Rainforest Publications to give you the benefit of their printing and laminating processes for high quality, durable, UV-resistant guides that will accompany you for many years of snorkel, dive, sport fishing, and whale watching adventures; and help remind you of your experiences after you return home. $5.95/each Read more >>>

Mustache Conger / puhi-uha / Conger cinerus) from the Hawaii reef fish guide #2