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Love Birds? Ecuador is a bird-watchers paradise with over 2,600 identified species of resident and migrant birds. Here, you can experience a vast range of habitats making Ecuador one of the best bird watching destinations in the world.

Rainforest Publications has a new pocket field guide that shows the diversity of bird life and gives you a glimpse of the beautiful birds that make a living in Ecuador. Take a Look Inside. Many of the birds in this guide are common to the habitats they live in and are easily identified. Each of the full color, detailed bird illustrations is accompanied by its name in English, Spanish, and Latin), and size.

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Ecuador Mammals

The illustrations on this fold-out field guide from Rainforest Publications were created by British naturalist, Robert Dean, who has lived and worked in Monteverde, Costa Rica, since the early 1990s.

Rainforest Publications Fold-out pocket guides are approximately 24" by 8.75" (61 cm by 22 cm) when spread flat, and contain twelve 9 cm by 22 cm "pages" plus front and back cover pages. When folded, they are only approx. 3.5" by 8.75" (9 cm by 22 cm) and easily fit into your pocket.

A guide for the mammals of the Ecuador mainland is coming soon.

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