Rainforest Publications produces high quality field identification guides with wonderfully detailed scientifically accurate full-color illustrations. All our wildlife images are drawn by biological illustrators or wildlife artists who are also recognized as accomplished naturalists.

The guides are produced in Washington State using the latest and best computer and printing technology available. High resolution scans compliment the printing process which is done on high quality print stock using UV resistant inks.

The text on the guides includes the common name, scientific name, and local country names where applicable. In some cases animals are identified by region within the country. If a particular animal is endangered or near extinction it is so noted. All guides are updated as new information comes in or old information changes.

Dimensions for the Wildlife Foldout Field Guides are approx. 24" by 8.75" (61 cm by 22 cm) which folds to approx. 3.5" by 8.75" (9 cm by 22 cm). These guides are laminated with a 1.7 mil polyester film providing long lasting use at home, in the classroom or in the wild.

Our popular Single Sheet (flat) Guides are 7" by 11" (17.85 cm by 28 cm) printed on two sides. We use a 10 point print stock sandwiched between two 10 mil rigid polyester films. These guides will withstand all the natural elements and have proven to be enduring long lasting rugged field companions.