Nearly 20 percent of Costa Rica is set aside in National Parks and Reserves. Eleven different habitats are the home to 205 mammals, 920 birds, 160 amphibians, 218 reptiles, over 1000 different fresh and saltwater fish and countless numbers of insects. Approximately 10,000 species of vascular plants have been identified which is nearly 4 percent of the total number of species in the world. This is why Costa Rica has become the ultimate destination for students, researchers and eco-tourists.

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We call them "Pocket Guides" because, at only 3.5" (9cm) wide when folded, they're designed to slip into your pocket for easy access so you can quickly identify the critters you see.

Pacific Rainforest Anhinga

Your Rainforest Publications fold-out pocket field guides will be favorite companions on your walks, hikes, and excursions through Costa Rica.

our flat Marine wildlife identification guides for Costa Rica

Looking for the flat laminated field guides for the fish and whales you will see in Costa Rica? See our Costa Rica Marine Series

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fold-out pocket
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Costa Rica birds

Atlantic Lowlands and Caribbean Coast
cover of Rainforest Publications Pocket Guide to the birds of Costa Rica's Atlantic lowlands and Caribbean coast
cover of Rainforest Publications Pocket Guide to the birds of the Pacific Rain Forest in Costa Rica
fold-out pocket
field guide for
Costa Rica birds

Nicoya Peninsula &
Guanacaste Dry Forest
cover of Rainforest Publications Pocket Guide for the Birds of the Pacific Dry Forest in Costa Rica
cover of Rainforest Publications Pocket Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica's Cloud Forests and Highlands

Join us at Raptor Ridge for a few days of birding. Check out our website and make your reservations.

Raptor Ridge

Overlooking Tambor Bay on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, Raptor Ridge is a hidden paradise for those seeking an authentic natural experience

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Postman Butterfly

Rainforest Publications fold-out pocket guides are approximately 24" by 8.75" (61 cm by 22 cm) when spread flat, and contain twelve 9 cm by 22 cm "pages" plus front and back cover pages.

When folded, they are only approx. 3.5" by 8.75" (9 cm by 22 cm). They are printed on high quality stock using UV resistant links, and laminated with a 1.7 mil polyester film providing long lasting use.

Blue Jeans Dart Frog

Join us at Raptor Ridge for few days of birding. We always have room for another set of eyes for the Christmas and Valentine's Day bird counts. Dates to be posted this fall.

Raptor Ridge

Black Vulture • Turkey Vulture • King Vulure • Osprey • White Hawk • Gray Hawk • Zone-tailed Hawk • Roadside Hawk • Common Black Hawk • Crane Hawk • Broad-winged Hawk • Short-tailed Hawk • Plumbeous Kite • Collared Forest-Falcon • Laughing Falcon • Bat Falcon • Crested Caracara • Yellow-headed Caracara • Black-and-white Owl • Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl • Striped Owl • Mottled Owl • Crested Owl • Spectacled Owl • Pacific Screech Owl

228 Species - 5096 Individuals

Rainforest Publications gives donations for each guide sold to environmental and educational organizations. See our About Us page for a list of organizations that have benefited from the sales of our Field Guides.

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