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front cover of Belize Tropical Fruit Pocket Field Guide

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Rainforest Publications' Fold-Out Pocket Field Guides are designed to slip into your pocket so that you can easily access our field guides and identify the flora and fauna you see while on your walks, hikes, and excursions through Belize.

illustration of chocolate (c) 2012 Enrique Leal, all rights reserved
sample illustration
Chocolate, Cocoa
Theobroma cacao

map of Belize showing habitat zones

Our Belize Tropical Fruit guide is designed to accompany you on your excursions through Belize. The illustrations were created by Enrique Leal. Ruth Rodríguez provided the scientific authority..

Local, common, and scientific names are given for the wide variety of fruit illustrated. You may be familiar with papaya but did you also know that is known as paw-paw in Belize? Have you ever tasted a dragon fruit or a custard apple? All these (and more) exotic fruit are found in this full color beautifully illustrated guide.

Fold out pocket guides are approximately 24" by 8.75" (61 cm by 22 cm) when spread flat, and contain twelve 9 cm by 22 cm "pages" plus front and back cover pages. When folded, they are only approx. 3.5" by 8.75" (9 cm by 22 cm) and easily fit into your pocket.

Rainforest Publications gives donations for each guide sold to environmental and educational organizations. See our About Us page for a list of organizations that have benefited from the sales of our Field Guides.

Rainforest Publications' Belize Tropical Fruit Pocket Field Guide (spread flat).

image of Belize marine lifeguide

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