Rainforest Publications' Fold-Out Pocket Field Guides are designed to slip into your pocket so that you can easily access our field guides and identify the flora and fauna you see while on your walks, hikes, and excursions through Costa Rica.

The illustrations on this fold-out field guide from Rainforest Publications were created by Costa Rican artist, Enrique C. Leal, who has worked as an illustrator in the design of informative and educational material for the National Board of Health and who has worked as a scientific illustrator for INBIO (Institute for Biological Diversity).

There are approximately 1,500 species of native orchids in Costa Rica. The most common species are represented in the Rainforest Publications fold-out pocket orchid field guide.

On the Rainforest Publications orchid field guide, The measurements which accompany each illustration are as follows: "FI" represents the approximate height of the flower, and "PI" represents the approximate height of the plant.

The illustration of each species on the field guide is accompanied by the name of the species in English, Spanish, and Latin. On the Rainforest Publications' Costa Rica orchids field guide, the letters after the English name represent the distribution with Costa Rica:

  • A: orchids typically found on the Atlantic slope; may be accompanied by N (north) or S (south);
  • P: orchids typically found on the Pacific slope; may be accompanied by N (north) or S (south);
  • M: orchids typically found in the Costa Rican mountains.
illustration of Horned Orchid, Stanhgoea copyright (c) 2008 Mark Wainright, all rights reserved
sample illustration
Horned Orchid, Stanhopea
Stanhopea Wardii

Fold out pocket guides are approximately 24" by 8.75" (61 cm by 22 cm) when spread flat, and contain twelve 9 cm by 22 cm "pages" plus front and back cover pages. When folded, they are only approx. 3.5" by 8.75" (9 cm by 22 cm) and easily fit into your pocket.

image of one side of the Costa Rica orchid guide

One side of Rainforest Publications' Orchids Field Guide (spread flat).

Rainforest Publications gives donations for each guide sold to environmental and educational organizations. See our About Us page for a list of organizations that have benefited from the sales of our Field Guides.